Blog Move!

I have decided to move my blog to my website It just seems to make so much more sense to have everything in the same place. I would be so pleased if any followers join me there and read my blog . I have really appreciated having followers on here, especially when I am so sporadic with posting! Thanks again, Julia.

Kingfisher cards

Lately I have been drawing lots and trying to get a range of cards together that I am happy with. This seems to take me a while; first I have to be happy with the drawing, then I have to hope my screenprint of said drawing works and then I have to be happy with the finished result, including choice of colour, paper etc….you get the picture.

And so here are my new Kingfisher cards (that I am actually pleased with)…phew, it feels nice to say that.

I start with drawing in biro…

kingfisher 1

kingfisher 2

kingfisher 3


Then screenprint them on recycled card…

kingfisher and moon card

kingfisher and sunshine card

kingfisher and yellow branch card

looking back kingfisher card

I have listed them in my shop if you want to have a gander !


Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh

Well the beginning of March has been a real hibernation for me so far as I have got a bug that is really outstaying its welcome.  Anyway needless to say I haven’t done much work but I have finally sorted out my photographs and drawings from the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. So a bit of flower therapy to help me on my way. I hope they brighten up your March too. I have heard it has been raining.









Here’s to Spring time and bulk buying echinacea!






Happy New Year!


2016.. what a year.As a child I always wanted to change lots of things in the world like many children do; unfair and unkind things. As an adult you realise how overwhelming it is to be so idealistic, so you do what you can to be fair and kind in your own little way. When big changes happen; people who have soundtracked your life ,acted in your favourite films, household names pass away. When people are voted in to power that you know shouldn’t be. When you feel sure your country will vote one way and the opposite makes the world feel larger and overwhelming again.

But the fact these people are sorely missed shows our need for music, art and individuality. The fact that people voiced disappointment at some of the consequences of Brexit and are shocked about the presidential result in the US, shows a passion for embracing all cultures and colours.

So I look forward to 2017 and all the art, music and diversity it may bring.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful New Year x



Open Studios Hebden Bridge

A few weekends ago it was Open Studios in Hebden Bridge. This happens every year and is a chance to see what all the artists have been making behind closed studio doors.

It is the second year I have been in my studio and I still thank my lucky stars that I have such a lovely, bright space.

blog open studio

Lots of new screen prints.

blog open studio 2

Handprinted cards.

I share my studio with  Sarah Mason Photography and  Hannah Nunn. Sarah takes the most magical photographs and Hannah makes beautiful lamps like this;

blog open studio hannah2

and wall paper and fabric;

blog open studio hannah

It was a really nice weekend and I was grateful for all the visitors that battled through the intermittent showers. I gained great responses for my new landscape paintings; these are the start of a collection for an exhibition at  Heart Gallery.It will be called “Under the Same Sky” and opens on 8th September.I am very excited.

blog open studio emerging light

This one found a new home!

blog open studios 7

These will be included in the Under the Same Sky exhibition.

blog open studio 6

Lastly ….who ate all the jelly babies? Ahem.

Art project at Ashbrow School, Kirklees

I have had a lovely week working at Ashbrow School in Kirklees. I taught from Reception up to Year 4. We created pictures using a variety of techniques and themes.

With Reception we made Rainbows..


We used a wash to create the sky. Then sponged ink against a paper edge for the ground, also scraping into this for grass textures. We used washes of paint to create the rainbow, so the colours looked like light was shining through them.

In Years 1 and 2, we made pictures of mini beasts and owls.

ashbrow collage

Both the mini beasts and owls were made by sponging inks and then using a variety of materials such as: bubble wrap, net, cardboard, bottle tops and feathers to print with. The starry skies for the owls were made by painting a watercolour wash and sprinkling salt on this to create a night time look.The salt was rubbed off when dry, leaving a speckled effect. The brighter backgrounds for the mini beasts were created using the textured material printing method.

Years 3 and 4 worked on two large pieces of work, the first based on the schools drivers: Communication, Ambition, Respect and Enterprise. The idea was to create a tree with these words growing from it. This was to reflect the direct links the school has to nature; with its own Forest School, bees, hens and vegetable growing.

We initially sketched willow branches from the grounds.Looking carefully at shapes and light and shade.

drawing collage

We then used these sketches to make larger branches to form a tree. The backgrounds were made by printing with textured materials and the leaves were made with stencils and also scratching in to wet ink to create words.

a tree words

The second piece was inspired by one of my screen prints..

screenprint tree

The childrens’ version was made again initially sketching branches. They also made the world together by printing with blue inks for the sea.The land was made using watercolour washes and sketches of famous monuments in pencil-such lovely drawings!

a world and trees

I had such a great time and I was really impressed with the effort given and wonderful results the children achieved.

Print-making Workshop

Collage printing

On the 29th of May I will be teaching a one day art workshop in Hebden Bridge. There will be a variety of print-making techniques taught, including monoprint, collograph, stencil and monotype. I am really looking forward to it as I print a lot and love it!

It costs £55 per person including a homemade lunch and refreshments. Please join me if you can!

Just fill in the form if you are interested.