Hummingbird prints and colour

Lately I have been working on some brand new prints for an exhibition at Leeds Craft Centre and Design Gallery . As well as my artwork there will be the talented Jane Ormes showing her lovely prints.

It is the first time in a long time I have screen printed anything big and to tell the truth I was a bit nervous about it.I began by drawing at Leeds City Museum as I felt that would be a nice link to the gallery, being literally up the road from it!

I decided I would start with a collection of small hummingbird drawings as there was a little bird that caught my eye in the museum…


I began to realise as I was printing that putting the colours together was the thing that was interesting me most. It got me thinking that a medium like screen printing has a certain look when developed from a pen drawing, a certain quality of line. Possibly then my USP is my love of colour and the palette I choose.


I began to work on the idea of block colours, so I had a contrast between my detailed line drawings and more abstract shapes.I have been a bit preoccupied with circles in my artwork for some time.


It was so nice to create something organically and develop the work in the print room (I usually plan everything beforehand).

hummingbirds blog

Colour detail.

So I just have a little more printing to do and I am less nervous.

The exhibition begins on the 2nd of July. There is also a meet the printmaker day on the 9th of July where you can see me drawing, please do come and say Hi!

I will post more prints soon and some of the preparatory drawings shortly. I hope you like them.

all images copyright Julia Ogden