New work at the Bowery Gallery, Leeds

I have completed a new series of bird paintings and prints for the Bowery Gallery, Leeds.

bowery birds

These are small canvasses; 15 x 15 cm, retail £85.

The screen prints I made where really inspired by tree shapes as well as birds.

screenprint tree

‘Roots and shoots’ £25 framed

This theme has been sparked by projects I have been teaching.

This print is called ‘Roots and Shoots’ which was the subject for a workshop I did at Ashbrow Infant and Junior School, Huddersfield. This title suggested by the inspiring head teacher set me on a path of circles and roots in my personal work!

gathering screen print birds

‘Gathering’ £25 framed

nesting screenprint birds

‘Nesting’ £25 framed

blue bird screen print


Blue bird £25 framed

I also did a few prints based on love and kind words, we all need to read kind words sometimes, right?

bear screen print

‘The stars will always shine for you’ £28 framed

screenprint bird

‘Love’ £28 framed

2 love birds screen print

‘Love birds’ £28 framed

screenprint purple birds

‘The birds will always sing for you’ £28 framed

I have always worried about my screen prints being very different from my paintings and feel by tying together themes, colours and shapes I am getting closer to the coherent style I dream about!

copyright Julia Ogden

Illustration at the Bowery Gallery

Recently I have been teaching at The Bowery Gallery. As part of the illustration course I taught two sessions based around an article on growing herbs.

After making preparatory sketches the students experimented with monoprinting…

bowery blk white

..using feathers, string, bubble wrap, netting and sponges to create textures. They also monoprinted by inking a surface, laying their paper over the top and drawing on the back. This creates a nice ink print on the front of the paper.

bowery herbs6

They collaged too.

bowery herb2

Some lovely illustrations were made.

bowery herbs

bowery herb3


I will be teaching more illustration classes in September.I am looking forward to it already.