How to make a 3D owl

owl sample

Last week I held a craft party and the theme this time was owls, so I thought I would be good to share how to make them on here. This is a nice craft activity and would suite children aged 6 and above.

Children often ask to make 3D things, which can be difficult to get your head around, so here is a simple way to make a 3D owl.

Materials needed:

polystyrene balls (about 12cm in diameter)



coloured paper

small coloured circular stickers

PVA glue





I firstly made a cone shape out of the card and taped it with sellotape.

owl how to 2

I trimmed this down so it had a straight edge and then taped it to the polystyrene ball.

owl how to

This was now a shape that the children could decorate.

They started by gluing ripped up coloured paper on to the shape. I would advise to have two sheets of A4 coloured paper saved for this to ensure you don’t run out half way through. It also helps to have a jam jar to stand the owl in.

owl how to 3

Once the owl is completely covered it can be decorated with shapes to make the eyes, beak and wings.I cut out circles for the eyes, diamond shapes folded in half for the beaks and wing shapes. The little stickers can be used for additional patterns. The eyebrows were just scrap pieces of paper or feathers could be used.

Here are the children’s owls..

owl party collage

..a lot of fun was had by all!

You can staple string to the owl so it can be hung. I did this before the paper was added.

For information on the craft parties do not hesitate to contact me.All parties are held in central Hebden Bridge.