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I have decided to move my blog to my website It just seems to make so much more sense to have everything in the same place. I would be so pleased if any followers join me there and read my blog . I have really appreciated having followers on here, especially when I am so sporadic with posting! Thanks again, Julia.

The Book of the Cat and Billy

A while ago I was asked if a drawing I had done of my cat could be included in “The Book of the Cat”.

It was going to be by Angus Hyland and Caroline Roberts; seeking quirky art and illustrations of cats. I was so flattered to be involved in it and even more so when I saw the finished book. It has lots of famous artists including David Hockney and Andy Warhol!

book of cat 3

Billy the cat has a great quote next to him;

“There is no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat” -Wesley Bates

And nothing could be more true for him. He is big in stature and personality, but he also lies under radiators and in doorways; an unmovable lump!

book of cat 1

book of cat 4

I really love the black and white illustrations.

book of cat 6

And the beautiful paintings too.

book of cat 2

The muse.

book of cat 6 copy

He had a good read through.

After the book had been published I got an email from a man in San Francisco wanting to buy the drawing for his girlfriend; she had said to a friend if she had that hanging somewhere in the house it’d made her laugh every time she looked at it.

It seemed the perfect home for it. Billy makes me laugh so much with his ways and has brings me so much joy. I was glad my drawing did him justice enough for someone so far away to see it too!

Since then I have made more screen prints based on him, so his funny face and ways are in more homes now! And I have a diva on my hands…

End of the Road Festival 2017


I have just been looking through my photographs from this year and thought I would share my End of the Road Festival ones with you. It was my second year visiting and it has fast become my favourite music festival. Here is a little run down of this lovely event…

Getting There

The festival is located at Larmer Tree Gardens, near Blandford, in Dorset.

There are lots of good links from the South to the festival, but it is quite tricky from the North, so I drove. It was my first time driving since January so needless to say I was apprehensive about the mammoth journey. I tooks some Bachs Remedy and braced myself. I felt so much better driving than the year before mainly due to my friends encouraging me. It was good to just know I could do it!


The camping is an easy walk from the carpark and the stages are really accessible. I really like the size of this festival; easy to navigate and everything in walking distance.

There are hot showers that took 30mins to queue for at about 8ish in the morning, probably less time if I had got up earlier!

The toilets are the best festival toilets I have experienced.I was in shock the first year I went as they always had toilet roll and hand sanitiser and were clean!

I slept well at the campsite but I did wear ear plugs and I would recommend that as my friends were disturbed by noisy neighbours.



I was really excited to see the headliners, particularly Slowdive and Bill Callahan and they absolutely did not disappoint. Slowdive played on the Thursday night, so it was straight into amazing music, visuals and a very personable, down to earth delivery from Rachel Goswell. Bill Callahan played on the last night and it had been raining all day and continued to do so throughout his whole set, and it was still amazing!

One of the main things I like about EOTR is that I always discover new music. I really enjoyed: Moses Sumney, Nadine Shah, Allison Crutchfield ( now I really wish I had seen Waxahatchee too!) and John Moreland.


I made a little playlist to share some of the music with you..


The choice of food at the festival is top notch. My favourite was the Pizza Tabun. Not only was their “Greek Pizza” delicious, there was something about the atmosphere there that made it special. They played music that everyone tapped their feet to in the queue, the staff were welcoming and they had lots of seats and tables (so nice at a festival), or am I showing my age?

I also had a lovely (hot) chilli and a very good paneer curry at the other stalls.


Watching Breaking Away in the cinema to shelter from the rain. A funny, heartwarming film; just what was needed!

Adam Buxton’s Bug David Bowie special in the woods. Hilarious, affectionate and ended with everyone dancing and singing, what could be better?


Sitting in the sunshine and listening to great music.

eotr 3

Sketching at the Garden Stage.



Stumbling upon impromptu things in the woods. Labyrinth re-enactment anyone?



That the festival had a ferris wheel!




Tickets are on sale now for End of the Road 2018 and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.I hope this has inspired you to visit!

Happy Sunday!

Inspiration..Francoise de Felice

I cam across this artist’s paintings when looking for portrait examples for my classes on Pinterest. I really fell for her rich colours and multi layered images.

Francoise de Felice was born in Paris and lived there until she was 20. Her move from France to Sicily prompted her to move away from Impressionism too. She developed her own way of working, focussing on narrative and layers.She returned to France and continued to paint dream like portraits.I just love the light and shade in them. The contrast between loose brushstrokes and neat detailed faces are really lovely. I obviously use blending techniques in my own paintings so it is a joy to see it done so well.








Fran_oise De Felice - Tutt'Art@ (16)

Songs for Painting

blossom tree


1.belle and sebastian-lazy line painter jane

2.joni mitchell-a case of you

3.teenage fanclub-every picture i paint

4.billy bragg-must i paint you a picture? house painters-grace cathedral park

6.andy summers and robert fripp-painting and dance

7.ultimate painting-central park blues

8.peter bjorn and john-blue period picasso

9.david j newton-don’t leave me in the dark

1o.daniel johnston-the story of an artist


New Prints!

My last post was all about drawing so I thought you might like to see the screen prints I made from my drawings. Brace yourself, they are quite bright!

york minster blog screenprint

I had lots of worries about the tree overlapping York Minster, (whether it took away from the image) but I am really pleased about how it has turned out. I used a photograph I took on my birthday to draw from. It was a cold but really bright winters day and I wanted to print the Minster in these sunny colours to reflect that.

stoodley pike blog screenprint

I was hoping to create a gradient pattern with the colour on this print, I haven’t used this technique before but I like the painterly quality. I really love this view and I have painted it many times, so it has been nice to make something that makes a little bridge from drawing to painting.

square chapel blog screenprint

This is Square Chapel in Halifax. Halifax was my neighbouring town when I was growing up in Brighouse. It was much visited, particularly in my teenage years! I had recently read about the kestrels nesting in the spire next to the building, so they get to have a fly  around in this picture.

It is really exciting to watch the developments to Square Chapel and the Piece Hall going on at the moment.To put a spot light on these fantastic buildings and spaces is a wonderful thing.

These prints are the first steps to creating a collection called “A Nothern Sky” and will feature all the places I love in Yorkshire. These prints are listed in my shop if you like them.

Any feedback on the colours or places you would like me to draw would be much appreciated!