Hummingbird prints and colour

Lately I have been working on some brand new prints for an exhibition at Leeds Craft Centre and Design Gallery . As well as my artwork there will be the talented Jane Ormes showing her lovely prints.

It is the first time in a long time I have screen printed anything big and to tell the truth I was a bit nervous about it.I began by drawing at Leeds City Museum as I felt that would be a nice link to the gallery, being literally up the road from it!

I decided I would start with a collection of small hummingbird drawings as there was a little bird that caught my eye in the museum…


I began to realise as I was printing that putting the colours together was the thing that was interesting me most. It got me thinking that a medium like screen printing has a certain look when developed from a pen drawing, a certain quality of line. Possibly then my USP is my love of colour and the palette I choose.


I began to work on the idea of block colours, so I had a contrast between my detailed line drawings and more abstract shapes.I have been a bit preoccupied with circles in my artwork for some time.


It was so nice to create something organically and develop the work in the print room (I usually plan everything beforehand).

hummingbirds blog

Colour detail.

So I just have a little more printing to do and I am less nervous.

The exhibition begins on the 2nd of July. There is also a meet the printmaker day on the 9th of July where you can see me drawing, please do come and say Hi!

I will post more prints soon and some of the preparatory drawings shortly. I hope you like them.

all images copyright Julia Ogden

New stationery at For Arts Sake

I have a selection of lovely hand printed notebooks and greetings cards winging there way towards For Arts Sake Gallery. This Ealing gallery opened in 1984 and houses one of the largest collections of printmaker’s works for sale.To say I am excited to have my artwork here is an understatement!

Here is a little taster of my notebooks they will be stocking…

notebook ebb and flow blog

notebook flight blog

notebook to the sun blog

notebook safe and sound blog

notebook gather blog

copyright on all images Julia Ogden 2016

30 days…November

november collage

first row stand at the hepworth christmas fair 2.hepworth gallery decorations 3.monoprinting done by pupils at crossley fields school, mirfield, (where I teach after school club).

second row 1.autumn walks 2.the corn exchange, leeds printed postcards

third row 1.hebden bridge train station decorations in the making 3.misty mornings

New work at the Bowery Gallery, Leeds

I have completed a new series of bird paintings and prints for the Bowery Gallery, Leeds.

bowery birds

These are small canvasses; 15 x 15 cm, retail £85.

The screen prints I made where really inspired by tree shapes as well as birds.

screenprint tree

‘Roots and shoots’ £25 framed

This theme has been sparked by projects I have been teaching.

This print is called ‘Roots and Shoots’ which was the subject for a workshop I did at Ashbrow Infant and Junior School, Huddersfield. This title suggested by the inspiring head teacher set me on a path of circles and roots in my personal work!

gathering screen print birds

‘Gathering’ £25 framed

nesting screenprint birds

‘Nesting’ £25 framed

blue bird screen print


Blue bird £25 framed

I also did a few prints based on love and kind words, we all need to read kind words sometimes, right?

bear screen print

‘The stars will always shine for you’ £28 framed

screenprint bird

‘Love’ £28 framed

2 love birds screen print

‘Love birds’ £28 framed

screenprint purple birds

‘The birds will always sing for you’ £28 framed

I have always worried about my screen prints being very different from my paintings and feel by tying together themes, colours and shapes I am getting closer to the coherent style I dream about!

copyright Julia Ogden

Paintings: The Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford

I have painted Oxford quite a lot through the years, but I always go back to painting the dreaming spires there. I think it might be the name that draws me in! The name was coined by poet Matthew Arnold and Oxford is known as the city of the dreaming spires.

This time I really wanted my city scapes to have the same soft or blended look as my bird paintings. Several break downs and urges to throw my painting away I managed this..

oxford dreaming1

….and I felt really pleased with it. The composition went through many configurations but sectioning areas in the foreground seemed to be successful for me. This painting is approximately 50 x 60 cm and is £765.

I hope to tackle some Yorkshire landscapes next!

Here are the rest of the paintings I did, all at the beautiful Sarah Wiseman Gallery now.

sheldonian thetre

Sheldonian Theatre, 25 x 25 cm, £155

oxford 1

Dreaming spires and flight, 25 x 25 cm, £155

oxford bird3

Dunneck, 15 x 15 cm, £94

oxford bird2

Greenfinch, 15 x 15cm, £94

oxford bird

Nuthatch, 15 x 15 cm, £94

I hope you like them!