Open Studios…Preview

Tuesday’s preview for my open studios is this hand printed bunting. Perfect for brightening up a neglected corner of your home!

I have made a string of bunting with birds and one with trees (which I have above my desk at home). You can also buy them in my shop if you can’t make it this weekend.

bird bunting blog

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Open Studios…Preview

Happy Monday! This is one of my favourite paintings  sold at my “Under the Same Sky” exhibition. Never fear though! I have giclée prints available at my Open Studio.

grasses and woods blog web

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Open Studios…Preview

S is for Sunday, Seconds and Screen prints.This fella will be making an appearance at my Open Studios, as well as lots of seconds on sale..and that’s a lot of S’s.

brave bear

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Open studios..Preview

Day 2 of my Open Studio preview….Bird drawings in biro pen. Literally my favourite medium and subject. I have quite a few framed ones including a new hummingbird. Do come along and see!



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Open Studios..previews

In a weeks’ time Hebden Bridge Open Studios will begin.This is when the public get to see all those creative spaces and the beautiful work that is made in them.

I will be opening my studio along with the super talented Hannah Nunn.

To celebrate and to give a sneaky peak of what will be in my studio I am going to feature a piece of artwork each day on my blog.

So without further ado, first up are lots of handprinted cards…

greeting cards blogcollage

I have been thinking about the colour palette of each of these cards; I wanted them to have their own identity in their ranges but still have some running thread.I have already made prints to sit along side the Kingfishers and I am particularly excited about making the hummingbirds into prints. I used metallic green ink for these-it made me very happy to see how it shined against the matt grey recycled card (it is the small things)!

Hold on to your seats for the next instalment…


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Lovely Kingfishers

I still have an obsession with drawing Kingfishers. I love their shapes and colours. I decided to make a new print range using blues like before but also hotter colours like yellows and oranges, to echo their plumage.Being able to use colour like this is what always draws me back to screen printing. It is a real chance to develop my pen drawings. I hope you like them…

kingfisher and yellow branch2 print

looking back 2print

kingfisher and moon 2print

kingfisher and sunshine 2print

They are in my shop too!

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Inspiration-Atlier Bingo

Atelier Bingo are a duo from France specialising in graphic design , surface pattern and illustration. They make bright screen prints and illustrations focussing on pattern and colour.I always like abstracts as they are something I don’t (kind of can’t) do myself!



I am a sap for anything sketchbooky!

bingo 3

bingo 6

bingo 8

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