Under the Same Sky; Stoodley Pike

The countdown begins for my solo exhibition at Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge. I am very excited about it!

Each day I will share one of the paintings that will be exhibited with a little information. I hope you enjoy hearing about my inspirations and the focus on each painting.

So first up; Stoodley Pike..

stoodley pike collage

Stoodley Pike was one of the first paintings I did for this exhibition. The photograph was taken by one of my students and I just loved it. She kindly let me paint it and this was really the beginning of ‘Under the Same Sky’ and painting places that meant something to me.

It was the first time I had really focussed on the sky in my paintings and by using washes and blending I achieved the soft look I wanted. The foreground was a labour of love really and took many, many hours but I was striving for some colour and depth in the field.

I hope you like it!


About julia33

I am a painter and printmaker from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. I am inspired by nature and the changing seasons.I also make bespoke wedding stationery and teach art to all ages.
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6 Responses to Under the Same Sky; Stoodley Pike

  1. j0diesmith says:

    Eeek How exciting Julia, I would love to come and see your exhibition, when is it on?

    Jodie x

    • julia33 says:

      Hi Jodie, That would be lovely! It is the 8th of September at Heart Gallery, 5pm-8pm x

      • j0diesmith says:

        Hi Julia, Just seen that it is next weekend, sorry not with it been super busy like you i’m sure! I am at home for a few weeks before I travel back to Leeds for my final year of university, so gutted as I would of loved to have come! Hope you have a great exhibition x

  2. Ffion says:

    All those little yellow flowers! So beautiful xx

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